Sports Heritage has produced some of the finest books about high school sports, and you can review and purchase them by jumping to our “Current Catalog ” page. But why read only about another school? Your school has a tremendous athletic tradition of its own, one that should be savored and enjoyed by present and future generations.

At Sports Heritage Specialty Publications we preserve the legacy
of "your" athletic tradition.

Using every available resource, Sports Heritage once again brings to life the tradition that is your school. Whether it is one particular sport or the whole program, we capture your school’s great athletic history in an elegant coffee table book, one that features a complete and comprehensive compilation of the school’s athletic achievements.

Unique and timeless, your book will be a first quality publication that is sure to be a hit with alumni, students, parents and all friends of your school. These one-of-a-kind volumes sell themselves, and they make great fund-raisers that will help you to continue that winning athletic tradition.

Is the anniversary of your school’s founding coming up? Sports Heritage can also write a comprehensive history of the fine institution that is your school as well.

And Sports Heritage does it all. We do the research and the writing, and can even arrange to have it printed. All you have to do is fund the project (and we have a few great ideas there, too), sell the books and enjoy once again the great story that your tradition has become.

I handle each school’s project as if I were writing about my own alma mater, so you know that it will be done right. Call me now so that we can get started on the book that will preserve the rich history that is your athletic tradition.

Tim Hudak

Call us now, and make your school's athletic legacy
our next project.

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